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Amazing Podcast

This is a must listen. The team does a phenomenal job providing listeners weekly insights into the human experience. Their discussions are guaranteed to make you more aware of yourself and a better person.

One of the best motivational podcasts out there!

Can’t recommend this podcast enough! If you’re looking for some great motivational content, you found it! Well done!

Real stories, real connections

Cheddy and Michelle are both digging deep into the human condition to draw connections and prove that we are all really capable of achieving more and that even the strongest among us have to overcome adversity. Humbling, honest and authentic.

Give us more!!!

What a breath of fresh air! I love the energy and the way they show up and share from the heart. They really do care, and you can tell. Give us more!

Uplifting gold!

Really a joy to listen to and gives great life advice!

Anwar Aiken

Cheddy getting to know you has been a blessing. I love the show already. Michelle your insights are powerful and spot on. This is going to be 🔥🔥!!!

Cheddy and Michelle are awesome!

Michelle and Cheddy have great conversations and I learn each time I listen to them!

I’m ready!!!

I absolutely love this!! Can’t wait to tune in!!!!